After an advert for a property closes a shortlist of applicants will be prepared. 

The applicants who have bid for the property will be placed in order of their priority band as detailed below. Usually, the customer at the top of the shortlist will be offered the property.

1st     Band A - Immediate and exceptional need or at risk of serious harm

2nd    Band B - Urgent Need

3rd     Band C - Medium Housing Need

4th     Band D - Low Housing Need

If two applicants in the same band bid for a property the applicant who has had their priority band for the longest will be offered the property.

Applicants will need to meet any specific criteria that may apply for a property. If they don't an applicants bid will be skipped and the next applicant will be considered.

To find out more about priority bands click here.

You can find full details about our priority bands and how we allocate properties in Newcastle City Council's Allocations and Lettings Policy. You can find out more information about this on Our Policies page.


Direct lets

Some applicants will be made a direct let of a property and will not need to bid. Direct lets are made when an applicant has urgent needs that cannot be met through the bidding process.

We aim to use properties that have not been advertised on Newcastle Homes for direct lets. On some occasions we will use a property that has gone out to advert for a direct let. 

We will publish information about the number of direct lets that we make on this website.