What is a mutual exchange?

Mutual exchange is a housing option that is available to current secure council tenants and most housing association tenants and allows households to 'swap' homes.

Who can apply for a mutual exchange?

Mutual exchange is only available to tenants with certain types of tenancies, but it does include secure council tenancies and fully assured housing association tenancies. You cannot swap your home if you are an introductory tenant and you cannot swap your home for one that is empty. 

If you aren't sure what type of tenancy you have or if you have the right to a mutual exchange you can check with your landlord.

Make sure you know the type of tenancy you will be taking on, as there are differences between a council tenancy and a housing association tenancy.


How to apply

Newcastle Homes has partnered with House Exchange to give you the opportunity to advertise your home and view homes available from applicants across the UK.

You will need to register an application with House Exchange and after your application has been validated, you will be able to look at other applicants homes and hopefully identify an applicant who you would like to swap homes with.  

There is more information below about House Exchange.


What do I need to do?

Once you find an exchange partner, you must contact your landlord to seek permission for the mutual exchange to proceed. In some cases, we may set certain conditions before giving permission for the exchange. These may include:

  • Clearing your rent account if you are in arrears
  • Repairing any damage you may have caused to your home
  • Not allowing exchanges where the home will be too large or too small for the proposed tenant
  • Not allowing exchanges where the home has been adapted and the proposed tenant does not require an adapted home

Do not carry out any exchange until you have received permission from your Landlord and all the relevant paperwork has been signed.


House Exchange logo

House Exchange

House Exchange is the service we use to bring people together who are interested in swapping their homes. There are thousands of people looking to swap their properties right across the UK, so your ideal home may only be a few clicks away.

Enter your details at www.houseexchange.org.uk and the site will match you up with other would-be-swappers. The website helps you to search, find matches and contact other council or housing association residents who want to swap their homes. There’s also a free House Exchange App available on the Apple App and Google Play stores; so you can search on the move too!

Important things to consider:

Add photos: You can have up to five photos of your property on your advert, this increases your chances of finding a swap, so make sure each room looks its best in the pictures. There is also a feature that allows you to upload a snapshot of the outside of your property straight from the internet – a great time saver!

Include a description: House Exchange has a fantastic tool that allows you to create a description by selecting options that apply to your home, or if you prefer, get creative and write your own. You can find both these options in the ‘Update my advert’ area where you can also add key features such as a garden or balcony.  The more detail you add to your description the more your advert will stand out. 

Get in touch: Once you’re registered, start messaging people; arranging viewings is a great first step in your House Exchange journey. If you cannot find a direct swap the easy to use Multi Swap tool can help you to build a chain of properties.

House Exchange will help you every step of the way to take the stress out of searching for a new home. Visit the website today to get started!