Current Demand for Social Housing in Newcastle

In recent years the demand for social housing has increased significantly. There are more households on the waiting list and fewer properties available. The 'Key Housing Facts' below highlight current demand and average waiting times. 

Due to the current demand for social housing and the lack of available properties it is not possible to offer all households on the housing register a property. We advise applicants to be realistic with the length of time you may wait for an offer of property and encourage you to explore other options that are available to you.

Other housing options

Mutual exchange

If you are a council or housing association tenant you may find it quicker to be rehoused by ‘swapping‘ your home with another tenant through mutual exchange

Private Rented

You may also wish to consider renting from a private landlord. This option can provide more choice in terms of areas. Newcastle Private Rented Service are part of Newcastle City Council and advertise private rented properties. They also have a rent deposit scheme and provide advice and support to private rented tenants. You can find out more information about this service here

Facts about Council Housing in Newcastle

Our Properties

The Housing Register

If no new applicants applied, it would take us more than 5 years to re-house all of the households currently on the housing register.


Waiting Times

If you want to know more about our average waiting times visit - Average Waiting Times.


Housing for Older People

We have a number of housing options specifically for older people. This includes a number of purpose built housing schemes that include housing with an on-site care provision, to schemes for households who wish to be more independant. You can find out more information about housing for older people here

The demand for bungalows is very high and the majority of our bungalows will only be offered to applicants who have an assessed need for this type of property. This means that households will wait longer for this property type.

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