Available properties are advertised weekly. New properties are listed at 12:01am on Thursday until midnight on Monday.

Applicants who have applied to Newcastle Homes and have received their 'Welcome Letter' will be able to place 'bids' for properties that they are interested in. By placing a bid on a property, you are letting us know that you would like to be considered for a property. It does not mean that you will be made an offer.

Applicants can place up to three bids per week. They do not have to use all of these bids, they can none or just one if they want.

When the property advert closes a shortlist will be created which will include all of the applicants that have bid for the property. The applicants will be placed in order of their priority band. You can find out more about the shortlist by looking at the Shortlisting page.

Some properties may be subject to additional criteria, such as a need for an adapted property. If additional criteria apply, the applicant will need to meet the criteria to be considered. If they don't meet the criteria their bid will be skipped, and the next applicant will be considered.


Things to be aware of:
  • You can only bid for properties after you have been accepted onto Newcastle Homes and received your Welcome Letter.
  • You can bid for up to three properties per week, but you can just bid on one if you want to.
  • You can place unlimited bids on properties that are 'Available Now'.
  • Your position on the shortlist will change while the property advert is open and other customers place their bids. 
  • You will only be able to place a bid for a property if you meet the basic criteria.
  • You can withdraw a bid for a property if you change your mind (see below).


If you have been awarded priority bands A, B or C you should only bid for properties that you would accept if offered. In these circumstances if you refuse a property, it may affect your priority award which could be reduced or removed.  


How to Bid

There are a number of ways to bid:

  • Online by following the instructions below.

  • By phone on 0191 278 8600 

  • By visiting one of Newcastle City Council's Community Hubs.


Withdrawing a Bid

If you place a bid for a property and change your mind, you can withdraw your bid while the property advert is open.

You might want to withdraw a bid for one property and place a bid on a different one if your position on the shortlist is low to make the best use of your weekly bids.