You will need to provide us with proof that you are not subject to immigration control.

You can do this by providing us with:

  • A letter that confirms your status such as from the Home Office.
  • A biometric card.
  • Evidence within your travel documents.
  • A share code provided by the Home Office for Swiss, EU and EEA citizens.


How to Get a Share Code (Swiss, EU and EEA citizens)

If you are a Swiss, EU or EEA citizen you can check whether you are eligible for social housing and other services in the UK by using the GOV.UK website.

GOV.UK - View and prove your immigration status: get share code   

It's important that you select “Something else” as the reason you need the share code as pictures below.

Image demonstrating to select the something else option

The GOV.UK page will provide you with a share code. Make a note of the share code and provide it to us using the contact details on the Contact Us page.