Social housing provided by Newcastle City Council and registered providers is in high demand. The amount of time that you may wait to be offered a property will vary depending on the areas that you are interested in and the type of property that you need. 

If you would like a better idea of how long you might wait to be offered a property you can use our Average Waiting Time Tool. It won't tell you exactly how long you might wait to be made an offer, as this will vary from property to property, but it will give you an idea.


Step 1

Click on the link and enter the required details Average Waiting Time.


Step 2

Click on the Average Waiting Time option and select the boxes that apply to you. After you click on search the results will be shown.

This will produce a HEX map, which will provide an average time you may wait for a property in the different areas across Newcastle.


Step 3

The Average waiting time tool can be refined to search for specific property types and bed sizes, select 'Refine Results'

This will update the HEX map to show your refined search results.