If your circumstances change it's really important that you let us know as it may affect your application. Examples of the types of changes you should tell us about are:
  • a change to your address
  • a change to your household, for example someone moving in with you or that someone will no longer be living with you
  • a change in your health such as an improvement to your health which would result in you no longer needing to move due to medical reasons
  • a criminal conviction
  • a significant change to your income or if your personal assests exceed the value of £100,000
  • a change to your housing need for example homelessness is resolved 


You can let us know about a change of circumstances by updating your application form. You can do this by following the steps below or you can Contact Us.


Step 1

Login to your account.


Step 2

Click on 'My Account'.


Step 3

In the Social Housing section click on View or edit your Social Housing application form.


Step 4

Edit your application form and click on 'Submit Form' to submit and save your changes.